#hiring #visaprovided *Endocrinology Specialist/consultant*, Dubai, *United Arab Emirates* #helpinghands #jobopportunity #Dubaijobs #Dubaijobs #middleeast *Apply* : https://ift.tt/3oorYbb Specialist/consultant/306656324 *Visa can be sponsored,for the successful candidate*

Responsibilities: •Consulting with patients to understand their symptoms and healthconcerns. • Diagnosing and treating acuteillness, such as bacterial and viral infections, as well as chronicdiseases and conditions, such as hypertension, heart disease, ordiabetes. • Prescribing or administeringmedication, therapy, and other specialized medical care to treat orprevent illness, disease, or injury. •Explaining procedures and discussing test results or prescribedtreatments with patients. • Monitoringpatients' conditions and progress, and re-evaluatingtreatments, as necessary. • Providing healthand wellness advice to patients including diet, physical activity,hygiene, and disease prevention. • Immunizingpatients against preventable diseases. •Maintaining detailed notes of appointments with patients, includingcomments, tests and/or treatments prescribed, and testresults. • Referring patients to other medicalspecialists, when necessary. • Providingsupport and advice to patients receiving long-term care. • Preparing official health documents or records,when necessary. • Conducting research into thetesting and development of new medications, methods of treatment,or procedures to prevent or control illness, disease, orinjury. The successful candidate must havecompleted at least 3-5 years of experience post specialist trainingand preferably more. The salary for this permanentInternal Medicine Specialist/Consultant vacancy is AED 60000-110000per month tax-free depending on the caliber of the Doctor. Benefits: • Accommodationallowance. • Healthcare insurance.• Free flight tickets. • Paidleave. • Education allowance forchildren.   PLEASE CLICK MESSAGE BELOW, TO APPLY

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