How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast within weeks

Now you Can Easy Get Adsense Approval Fast within 1 day.Google is best Publisher Network in world and Good.a good new for you now you easy get Google Adsense approval but do some follow Some thing some rule .if you follow these thing you easily get adsense approval in 1 day.People Say we don’t get approval .Now you donot worried you easy Get adsense account.People buy Adsense account to other people but now you get your own and free adsense account.
People apply For Adsense but due some mistake the don’t achieved success. Google Adsense applicationReject Due to low content and bad blog theme .Before Apply for Adsense you Follow Some Points.Write Post .blog theme ,SEO Some Requirement we need before apply Adsense. Don’t write bad things on your blog .Follow These Steps.

/> High Quality Content /Blog/Post

Content is basic thing in blog.Content is King.write Good Content and if your Content is good SEO like this and Google Like.if you use wordpress Paltfrom then wirte high Quality Post.Maximum 30 or 40 Post you write in your blog. Don’t use copy ,paste content write your own content .write maximum 200 content in every Post .Google dislike copy paste Content if you use copy content Google don’t give you approval .You write unique post maximum 500 words.

Update Blog

Update your blog daily.write daily post you write 50 in one day you write 7 post maximum  in week .and daily Update with fresh content


Buy .com  Domain .and try to buy top level domain and your domain age is maximum 3 month.if your blog 1 month and your domain 1 month and you have good Content you also get approval.

Optimize Blog Friendly

Optimize your blog with Title.Meta Description.and Theme .Use SEO friendly Theme.write 160 words Meta  Description and Write SEO title.

Choose Content images

Don’t use copy image make your own images and if you use copy images then give reference .get permission to owner of image then use .

Add Important Page

Pages is very very important part to get Google adsense approval .Before apply adsense always create page First
About us
contact us
Privacy policy
Add All these Page the are very important.


now Traffic is not important if your traffic is 0 .you also get adsense approval .but you Drive good traffic from Google .if your get good traffic from Google you get adsense approval fast.

Email ID

Use your own Email ID.

Webmaster submit

Submit your URL in Search engine Webmaster.Submit your site in Google Webmaster  read this about google webmaster Tool and Submit in Bing webmaster Tool.

Sitemap. Xml and Robots.txt

Create sitemap in search engine site map in Google Search engine .you create Robots.txt file in your blog is you use WordPress and use Yoast SEO .then you see your Robots.txt file in plugin.Check your site Robots.txt file and sitemap.xml.

Alexa Rank

Alexa rank only show your site status it is also play good role it show your site is famous if your site is under 100k it give good impression about your site

Valid Address

Write you real and own address.were you live and street name and famous place.

Payee Name

Write Full name not short or nick name always use your own and Real name which you have use on National ID Card

Other Ads

Remove other Third party Ads.if you use another network ads then remove them after remove then Apply For Google Adsense
If there is no "apply" button, copy the link above ( and paste on a new tab in your browser

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