Medical Billing From Home – What It Is And What It Pays

Many readers ask me about medical billing from home, so today I've done the research to help you understand exactly what it is, what it pays, and — most important — how to dodge the many scam opportunities you might come across when seeking out this type of job. While medical billing is totally for real […]
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How Much Do Medical Billers Make?

According to, most medical billers make around $38,000 per year.

Is Training Necessary?

You do need some training to get started and while there are several schools you can use for the training, it's best if you stick with one that is accredited. Many vocational schools do offer medical billing courses which can take as little as nine months or as long as two years to complete, and some of these also offer help with job placement just out of school.
You will not be able to find a business that will hire you for medical billing unless you have either had some schooling or past work experience.

Where Can You Go For Training?

It might not be a bad idea to check around in your local area for a college or tech/vocational school with a medical billing program. These schools may additionally have options for you to complete your courses online or mostly online.
CareerStep also has online training for aspiring medical billers/coders and they are widely recommended, plus they have flexible payment plans that make it really easy for anyone to afford it. Many companies are quick to hire CareerStep graduates. This is the company I always refer readers to when they ask me about reputable online training for medical billing from home.

Is Medical Billing 100 Percent Home-based?

What you will find when you begin looking for medical billing jobs from home is that most doctor's offices, pharmacies, and insurance companies that hire medical billers do not offer a work from home option to start. In most cases you will not be able to work from home until you've worked onsite for a certain period of time.
Once you prove yourself working onsite, you may then be given permission to do the work from home.
If you are getting into medical billing primarily because you want a work from home career, keep in mind that there are some companies out there that may never be willing to let you work from home. You will need to check and make sure that the potential to work from home at some point is there before agreeing to employment if that is important to you.

Starting Your Own Medical Billing Business

Many work from home medical billers do run their own home businesses. You can either attempt to dive right into this after getting the schooling you need, or you can take time to work under someone else first before trying to go it alone.
As with any home business, there will be some start up expenses. These will include home office equipment, a business license, medical billing software, reference books, and more. However, medical billing is something that there will likely always be a need for since health care is always in demand, so if you go about things the right way, you may be able to do well with your home business.

More Information

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