Freelancer-Profil von Aleksa Misovic aus Cacak, Senior Full-Stack Developer

Freelancer-Profil von Aleksa Misovic aus Cacak, Senior Full-Stack Developer

Hello! I'm Aleksa Misovic from Serbia.
I'm senior full-stack developer which means that I'm experienced both in front-end and back-end.
As a challenge developer, I am always working with the latest frameworks and libraries to provide perfect result to clients.
I've been focusing mainly on Web development ★ PHP | Laravel ★ Python | Django ★ ReactJS, ★ VueJS ★. And also I was interested in .NET Framework apps development(Specially ASP.NET Web app development) by using C# and VB.NET! So in 2016 I started to develop .NET Framework apps and ASP.NET Web apps using ✿ C# ✿ and ✿ VB.NET ✿.
And also started to learn more about Mobile apps development with ✿ Flutter ✿. So, until now, I have been able to develop various kinds of Windows Desktop/Web apps and Mobile apps using the .NET Framework. I aim to form perfect long-term work and good relationship.
»»»»»»»»»» The services I can offer ««««««««««
✔️ Web Applications Development.
✔️ Websites and Content Management Development.
✔️ E-commerce apps & Websites development.
✔️ Cross-platform mobile apps.
✔️ Machine Learning and AI models integrations.

I love my work and aimed for self-improvement as professional. I prioritize honesty in communication with my clients, quality and effectiveness in my work. Since the age of thirteen, I've had a huge passion for software development.
Got my first commercial job when I was 16 years old as a junior web developer. Now after 7 years of experience I'm working as a senior/team lead full-stack developer in an international company that has a lot of experienced developers all over the globe and working for multinational clients. I believe in long term business relationship and always provide high-quality work at a fair price. Let's start our excellent relationship.
Please send me message kindly.
Thank you.
Aleksa Misovic

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