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Headquarters: Bedford, UK

 About is a self-funded, profitable, tiny company that does big things: it's the scheduling system for 21,000 customers and counting, and over half a million free users around the globe. is powerful enough to serve Fortune 500 companies and simple enough for small businesses and schools. It’s run by an international team that’s passionate about seeing customers succeed. We’ve been powering our customers’ success since 2011, and we're proud to be ranked by G2Crowd in the Top 100 Software Companies of 2020.

About the role - prevention better than cure?

We need a support manager to lead not only on day to day support efforts (along with 2 colleagues), but to be able to translate that work strategically into suggested product improvements. It's a hybrid set of responsibilities where solutions will come from working with the UX / QA / Product team as well as responsibilties for tickets and related pressures. 
This is ideal for the person keen to improve the users’ experience in the product long term. 

In this role, you will lead the Support team, one of three teams in our Customer department (the others are Growth Marketing and Customer Success)  and will report to our Head of Customers. The role is cross functional and you will deliver on objectives to lower churn and reduce support interactions related to product friction by working with our Product team on UX.
The good news is we are a 'all hands support' company - everyone in the company is expected to know their way round our inbox and dive in when needed, so you will get buy-in from day one on how to deliver improvement.

You will be responsible for all support interactions which happen in various channels: email, our knowledge base, our community forum, social media, and chat. You’ll increase satisfaction and trial to paid conversion rates through strategies you implement like support for new accounts. You will be working with 2 full time support specialists already, and together will ensure we maintain our excellent (indeed award winning) relationship with customers.

What You’ll Be Doing

In addition to leading the team by example in your own quality and volume of support resolutions, you will:

 • Partner with the Product team to create a strong feedback loop between Support and Product with the goal of driving down support ticket numbers for common friction points in the app

 • Maximize the potential of a small, global team of Support Specialists who act, like you, as proto-product managers who cross-functionally work to fight churn and friction in the app

 • Strategically plan to reduce the cost of support for low-LTV customers and increase the ROI of support

 • Own the analytics and number crunching for support KPIs, in particular, track how ticket reduction efforts have impacted churn and support ticket volumes and report back to the company on a monthly basis

 • "Live and breathe" the product, understanding at an expert level how the product is used in the major use cases across the customer base, with the ability to clearly communicate this to customers and internally

 • Manage all aspects of customer support delivery, including scheduling coverage and shifts, addressing customer feedback, and creating and refining support processes

 • Oversee and implement a support interaction Quality Assurance program, with monthly reporting

 • Use weekly one on ones to consistently provide feedback on performance, ensuring individual and team goals/KPIs are on track

 • Constantly evaluate processes of the Support team working to increase efficiency, performance, and overall customer satisfaction
About You

 • 3+ years experience supporting SaaS customers, latterly at a senior level.

 • Experience leading support initiatives at a SaaS tool

 • Exceptional, consistent customer support skills as evidenced by personally-attributable metrics of volume of tickets answered and customer satisfaction rankings

 • Demonstrated thinking for support desk and ticketing best practices, including providing support across a variety of channels like chat, in-app messages, social media, and online communities

 • Data-driven with an ability to identify, collect and record the data required to make strategic churn-reducing decisions

 • A natural problem solver who's comfortable taking the initiative on fixing problems revealed by data

 • Demonstrated thinking for supporting a customer base with multiple tiers of profitability among customers

 • Proven track record of improving team efficiency through coaching and process improvement

 • Demonstrated track record of effective cross-functional partnerships which meet or exceed shared KPI targets
Culture and Benefits's culture offers:

1. An opportunity to grow your leadership and expertise and an environment where you will see your work represented in product improvements. When we say cross-functional, we really mean it: every player on the team is a key player.

2. Transparency. We work together to solve problems, not keep secrets from each other. We have an open salary structure in the company, open slack channels and clear accountability and decision making.

3. A profitable, stable, solvent company. Everyone's work directly impacts the profitability of the company. We want to grow to solve problems for more people, to grow our tool to sustain our business and keep providing the high level service for our customers.

Working at includes benefits that reflect our culture. We're a pretty generous company and our bottom line is not based on squeezing staff costs. Benefits include:

• Fully-funded family health insurance
• Paid company retreats
• Contribution to a 401k
• Profit share after 1.5 years
• The computer and tech tools you need to get the job done

How to Apply

In your cover letter, tell us why you want to work for us and why you are perfect for this position.
 • Show us examples of the volume of tickets you answer and the quotas you’ve hit and exceeded at your most recent role
 • Show us examples of how you’ve identified product friction and communicated this for cross-functional work on your team
 • Tell us what opportunities you would leverage in the YCBM pricing model for up-sells and expansion
 • Provide examples of how you've supported customers through unexpected turbulence
 • Provide examples of innovative strategies you've led to reduce ticket volume
 • Tell us what challenges you expect's different kinds of user types might get in touch about
 • Tell us about your experience as a manager, how you’ve identified areas for improvement on your team, and methods you use to get the best work out of high performers
 • Provide examples of how you have created and implemented support strategies for various sizes of customers. Strong candidates will show strategies for supporting single-seat customers all the way up to Enterprise customers.

*This is a remote position: candidates MUST be qualified to work in the USA. EST preferred)*


Last words:
We are aware that, in the current COVID-strained times, every job is precious. As a company we have also been making our contribution to help those who have been adversely affected by the pandemic. We are fortunate that our own business is about building a reliable cost-saving tool for businesses to connect with their customers remotely, so we have seen an increase, rather than decrease in business this year. We are determined to ensure that every job we offer here at YCBM is a secure one - we take our commitment as an employer seriously. In return - we read and review every single application looking for the right match - so we urge you to read a journal piece
from our CEO on how we hire.

We absolutely will only consider candidates who are serious about their desire to work for us (it will be obvious to us up the minute we look at your cover letter) so please don't expect much progress if you just send us a generic cover / cv, sorry!

To apply:

from We Work Remotely: Customer Support Jobs
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