Senior iOS Engineer

The Mission * You will be working on both, PhotoEditor SDK as well as VideoEditor SDK for iOS* You will be responsible for everything, from architecture, over encoding, decoding, and rendering, to UI * You'll communicate and collaborate with our Android team and come up with concepts for both platforms* You'll use your platform-specific knowledge to make the call whether a unified API across platforms or an iOS-tailored API makes more sense* Your architectural decisions lay the foundation for our future shift to UBQ, our cross-platform rendering engine, and the integration of our upcoming cloud servicesYour Profile* You care deeply about developer experience* Your mindset is API-first and thus thoughtful public API design and documentation are dear to your heart* You are fully capable to plan out new features by collaborating with your peers and design an architecture that will have the right balance between getting it done and not being a pain in the ass in the future to complement our highly autonomously operation within our cycles* You know how to write an SDK in Swift, this is not a code-golf challenge* You know how to write understandable, clean, and yet performant code.It is alright to miss stuff here and there. What is important for every team member is to happily share your knowledge and ideas for improvement in code reviews and architectural discussions. And this is not a one-way street.If you nod in agreement to any of this, we need to talk:* Some experience writing Objective-C to design bindings that feel right at home in this prehistorian language.* Have you worked with Core Image, OpenGL, or Metal before?* You can't sleep the night before WWDC out of excitement and can't wait to evaluate the latest additions to Foundation, UIKit, SwiftUI, SPM, or DocC to see if we should support this?* Do you feel a rush of adrenaline when you read about Hopper, reverse engineering, or swizzling?* You can't help but shudder when someone writes Ios or xCode instead of iOS and Xcode?

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