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Many philosophers, scientist, poets and other great people have Described and defined life in their different ways and possibly some are wrong, and others right. May be all are right ?
I believe in superstition, science, poetry..... All have meanings. Sometimes people say men just wake up and come out with fake and vague Ideas, to me, most of these Ideas symbolize or represent something which others have not yet found that place in them to understand and accept it. Come to think of it, when you first heard there are satellites out there in space how did you feel trying to accept it? That is the same feeling you get when you come across other complicated or sophisticated ideas.
Willing to accept and understand other ideas from people you do not know is a great thing now in the 21st century. I write to give out my ideas, my great time and energy I put into thinking and writing on daily experiences and the passion of my whole carrier depends on my creativity. That just what pushed me into coming up with this blog.
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