Freelance Editorial Assistant

Freelance Editorial Assistant
Hank Green
Headquarters: Missoula, MT
Must be located: USA
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Looking for a writer who can do solid research and knows how to track down a facts among the clickbait. Someone who is comfortable writing in a different style at 2PM than they did at 10AM. Someone with a strong voice, but knows how to modify that voice depending on audience. Someone who knows a good bit about how the world functions, both in terms of science and of people. A writer who loves getting to the roots of things and finding connections and understanding stuff deeply.
It’s a tall order, but devilishly fun work for the right person. No relocation required (employer is based in Missoula, MT)
Solid portfolio of non-fiction writing. Ideally one that shows off great topic selection, solid research, and good titles. These articles will have been written with a dual goal of getting people to read them, but also being worth people’s time.

Experience writing about science. You don’t have to have a degree in the sciences, but the ability to ingest, synthesize, and make accessible sciencey stuff is a must.

Knowledge of internet culture. Y’know...memes. Not all of them, but some of them.

Ethical Standards. Our reputation is at stake with every post. If you get something big wrong, that’s a big deal for us. Zero tolerance for plagiarism! We are much more accepting of missed deadlines than missed standards.

Adaptable language. Not only will a voice modify by audience, but also by medium. Adjusting for print versus podcast versus video is important.

This is a freelance job with about 20 hours per week, at a rate of $35 dollars per hour, initial term is six months with possibility for extension.

About Us: 
Hank Green and his brother John have been making YouTube videos since 2007. Over time, they have expanded their work into multiple educational channels produced by their company, Complexly. Channels include the popular SciShow, Crash Course, PBS Eons along with many others. In 2015 the brothers began their popular podcast, Dear Hank and John. This along with 2 other podcasts are now being produced in association with WNYC Studios. 
For more information about Hank, visit:

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