#hiring #visaprovided *Infectious Diseases Specialist/Consultant*, Dubai, *United Arab Emirates* #helpinghands #jobopportunity #Dubaijobs #Dubaijobs #middleeast *Apply* : https://ift.tt/3dmvuwh Diseases Specialist/Consultant/306656385 *Visa can be sponsored,for the successful candidate*

Some Of The ResponsibilitiesInclude • Consulting with patients tounderstand their symptoms and health concerns.• Diagnosing and treating acute illness, such as bacterialand viral infections, as well as chronic diseases and conditions,such as hypertension, heart disease, or diabetes.• Prescribing or administering medication, therapy, andother specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness,disease, or injury. • Explaining proceduresand discussing test results or prescribed treatments withpatients. • Monitoring patients'conditions and progress, and re-evaluating treatments, asnecessary. Qualifications •Valid and active medical license in your current state ofpractice • Exceptional attention todetail. • Outstanding research and analyticalskills. • Excellent communicator who canempathize with patients. • Flexible workinghours. Benefits •Accommodation allowance. • Healthcareinsurance. • Free flights.• Paid leave. • Education allowancefor children. • The successful candidate musthave completed at least 3-5 years of experience post specialisttraining and preferably more. PLEASE CLICK MESSAGE BELOW, TO APPLY

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